Condom Ad Finds The Beauty In Bizarre Animal Mating Rituals

Only dancers could make these look so strangely beautiful.

Who knew animal mating rituals could be so romantic?

In the video above (which is really an ad for the condom brand brand Sagami Original Condoms), dancers perform the courtships of six different animals on busy streets.

The result, entitled "Act of Love," is a graceful and goofy waltz that illustrates the wild world of animal love: birds cuddle, flamingoes flock and crabs waddle in sync, side-by-side.

It's enough to make you wish human courtship was a little more nuanced than texts that just say "wyd?"

The video was published with an interactive website featuring the courtship rituals of more than 70 animals.

While the video shows off the more romantic side of the animal kingdom's mating habits, the website, which was recently nominated for a Webby Award for Best Animation or Motion Graphics, shows its wild side.

You can click through and learn each animal's mating habits, including the scorpion (which might eat its mate after courting), the greater painted snipe (whose females can mate with as many males as they damn well please), and rabbits (which they've nicknamed the "Perennial Playboy").

All of this is inspired by Sagami Original's new coffee table photography book, "Act of Love: An Animal Courtship Dictionary", written by several animal scientists in Japan.

The entire project is seemingly designed to encourage people to give in to their animal instincts more often.

Humans "think too much and end up feeling afraid," according to Sagami's website. "But animals don't worry over their decisions. They act out of need and express themselves instinctively. This is pure strength and primal love."

Duly noted.

Love Is... Illustrations from HJ-Story