No Man Is Too Big For A Condom. This 'Condom Challenge' Proves It.

Funny *and* educational.

People are dropping condoms filled with water on their heads to prove a great point. Or because it looks fun and stupid -- we're not quite sure.

To participate in the #CondomChallenge, which has been popping up all over social media, you need to take a condom, fill it with water and drop it on your friend's head. If done correctly, the condom is supposed to stay in tact and engulf the person's head. (See below.)


The Medical Daily reported that some users are participating in the challenge to promote safe sex and debunk the myth that a guy might not be able to wear a condom if he's "too big." After all, if a human head can fit inside a condom -- with room to spare -- no man is too well-endowed to wrap it up.

The #CondomChallenge seems to have started on Nov. 16, according to a video posted to Twitter that shows Japanese guys attempted (and successfully completing) the challenge.

The tweet has received over 9,000 likes and retweets. The challenge has become such a trend that there's now an official twitter account called the Condom Challenge that curates people's funny attempts to complete the challenge. The challenge has also spread to Instagram and Facebook.

Well, dudes, here's proof that if a condom can fit around a person's head, you'll be just fine fitting it below your waist. Take a look at a few of the hilarious #CondomChallenge videos below.

As you can see from the videos above, there were many successful completions of the #CondomChallenge. Others, however, were not so lucky.

Take a look at a few unsuccessful attempts at the challenge below.

At least they tried right?

Whether it's to promote safe sex or really just for a good laugh -- the #CondomChallenge is no doubt entertaining. Now, everyone, please do wear a condom when you have sex.

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