Condoms At Prom: New York High School Cancels Plans To Provide Condoms For Prom-Goers

Although Sex Ed classes are a part of most American high school curriculums, school administrators, families, and communities are, again, asking the question this year: is it appropriate for schools to provide condoms to students on prom night?

New York high school Bedford-Stuyvesant Preparatory made waves last week when Principal Darryl Rascoe announced that school administrators would make 500 condoms available at the school's prom on June 7.

"As they leave the prom, they are welcome to it," Rascoe told MSNBC. "We are not forcing it on anybody, but we want them to have that option."

Although Rascoe received support from City School Chancellor Dennis Walcott and several students, he also received backlash for the decision. After coming under fire from several conservative organizations, the school canceled its plans to make condoms available on prom night.

The availability of condoms at prom also sparked controversy at Blake High School in Tampa, Florida last month. Before the school's prom, several students asked senior class president Lissette Stanley if condoms would be provided. Stanley decided to distribute condoms in gift bags that also included a photo frame, a candle, and a poem. The bags were picked up by fewer than a dozen students before teachers discovered the condoms and confiscated them from the remaining 400 bags. Stanley was stripped of her title and barred from speaking at graduation.

"I just thought I should put that in there because I thought the kids need protection," Stanley told Good Morning America . She estimates her class of 430 includes 15 to 20 pregnant students, in addition to 10 who are already mothers.

The condom controversy doesn't show any signs of dying down before prom 2013. Do you think schools should have the right to provide condoms at prom? Or is that crossing the line? Tell us where you stand in the comments below or tweet your thoughts to @HuffPostTeen!