Confederate Flag Truck Parade In Dalton, Georgia Ends With A Hilarious Bang

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Confederate Flag Parade Ends With A Hilarious Bang

Bad luck, bad driving or just instant karma?

Whatever the cause, a truck involved in a Confederate flag parade in Dalton, Georgia on Sunday rear-ended another truck, which then appeared to hit a third flag-waving truck as the vehicles paraded through the city bearing what President Barack Obama called "a reminder of systemic oppression and racial subjugation."

(NOTE: The video, and description below, contains profanity.)

A man filming the procession can be heard expressing his disbelief that the parade was even taking place.

"Man, look at this shit," he says on the recording. "They got a goddamn day for Confederate fucking flags. This is bullshit."

When the trucks collide, his starts laughing.

"God don't like ugly," he concludes.

Check it out in the clip above, which was originally posted on LiveLeak.

The person recording the footage also complains that police had the roads blocked off for the parade, but the department said on Facebook that it was a safety issue.

“We had a concern that the group may proceed without coordination and felt it would be safer for our community to have a presence there to keep it peaceful,” Dalton Police Chief Jason Parker said.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that about 150 vehicles took part in the demonstration.

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