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17 Confessions From People Who Didn't Marry For Love

"My conservative Christian family has no idea."

Real talk on marriage: Love is not always at the heart of every union ― and in some cases, it never was.

Below, men and women on Whisper — an app that lets users anonymously share their thoughts —reveal the real reasons they married their spouses.

I got married for the wrong reason: I wanted a baby and no one else was interested. I took my vows seriously and have actually found love with my husband .
I married my husband for the medical insurance and everybody knows it
I married by wife because I was sick of being bored and lonely. 5 years later, I'm bored and lonely all the time.
 I married someone so they could stay in the country. My conservative Christian family has no clue.
I only married my soon to be ex husband because my mother hated him and I wanted to go to such an extreme to spite her
I married to escape a small town and a hard life. I now wish I married for love because now I'm rich but not happy
I just got married but I don't love him, I just wanted to have citizenship.
I married him for money but I never loved him. I still don't, it's been 15 years since we got married. I live a lonely life.
I married my wife for money thinking I could grow love. Huge mistake.
I married my wife so that she could get citizenship in America. Her family gave me 10k for doing it
I only married my husband because the man I've been in love with for 5 years doesn't want me
I only married my current wife because I thought it would help me win custody of my son.
I wish I could tell my husband I'm lesbian, I only married him to keep my parents in the dark
I married my husband because our mothers have been best friends since high school and I didn't want to ruin that. I can't stand him.
I'm worried I only married my husband for his career.
I'm living in a green card, sexless marriage. My wife doesn't desire me anymore and tenses up at my touch. I don't know what to do.
I've never loved my husband. I only married him because I'm terrified of dying alone.

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