Confessions Of A Mistress: "I Was The Other Woman"

Jill Di Donato discussed her blog post, "I Was The Other Woman” on a segment for HuffPost Live about infidelity with host Alicia Menendez. During the discussion, Di Donato explained what attracted her to having a relationship with a married man.

“I think at first it was certainly really exciting and thrilling,” she said. “And I do call it a cheap thrill because it was really torrid. What I got was probably continuing an unhealthy attachment cycle that I have had throughout my life. Unfortunately I think we repeat these patterns that either we’ve seen as children or in our adult lives.

Menendez asked if that was code for “dad issues.”

“Dad issues, yes,” said Di Donato. “I was cheated on in long term relationship. My dad did cheat on my mom with another man, so it was a double betrayal. So I definitely grew up having trust issues.”

Joining Di Donato and Menendez in the discussion were artist Natasha Caruana, Dr. Michelle Golland, a clinical psychologist and relationship expert, and Natalie Lue, the founder and writer of Baggage Reclaim.