Confessions of a Tired, Busy, Working Mom

I used to actually judge other moms who let their daughters out in public with messy hair. HA! Then I had a strong-willed, very opinionated daughter of my own.
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At, we're all about judgment-free motherhood. So, in that spirit, I've decided to offer up some momfessions -- feel free to join in with your own in the comments section!

Here it goes:

1. I used to actually judge other moms who let their daughters out in public with messy hair. I would think to myself, Wow. How can they let their daughter walk out of the house like that? I will ALWAYS make sure that if I have a daughter, her hair will be neatly brushed and done nicely. HA! Then I had a strong-willed, very opinionated daughter of my own.


She did her hair all by herself! Yay?

2. My kids' laundry never makes it out of the laundry baskets and into their closets or dressers. I have a really hard time finding the energy to fold, hang and put the clothes away knowing just how quickly they go through them. The clothes are clean. That's enough, right? I'm usually fine with it until I begin the search for a pair of socks, which probably ends up taking longer than just folding and putting away the damn laundry in the first place!

3. Sometimes I get tired of sharing with my kids.

4. I avoid bringing my kids with me to run errands by going out at night after they're asleep. I enjoy not having to worry about tantrums in the store and having the ability to shop at my leisure.

5. My youngest daughter ends up in bed with my husband and me every night because I'm too exhausted to let her cry it out and I'm afraid she will wake up my older daughter. I really don't enjoy sharing my bed, though. (Refer to #3.)

6. Some days I wish I could be a stay-at-home mom. But most of the time I am so thankful to be able to go to work.

7. There are times when I get stressed out about being alone with my two kids. There's something about being outnumbered that I find a little unsettling. I'm hoping this passes once they get a little older.

8. I'm pretty sure I love the Disney movie Frozen, and its music, more than my 4-year-old. I even bought "her" the soundtrack for her birthday, but it was really so I could sing along to the songs while driving in my car. Sometimes even by myself. And, yes, I bought the DVD the day it came out.

9. There are times when I feel like such a loser for not getting my body back into pre-baby shape. I'm afraid people look at me and think I'm lazy because of it.

10. I set myself up for disappointment a lot. I tend to set such high expectations for myself and my plans that when they don't live up to those standards I sometimes find it hard to focus on the positive. This pertains to anything from birthday parties to family outings or vacations.

11. I typically don't deal well with spontaneity. I find it comforting to have a plan and to stick with it if at all possible. This can be quite a challenge when you have kids.

12. I don't like to cook dinner and I'm not very good at it. I would eat out every night if I could.

13. I hate the weekday morning rush -- trying to get myself ready for work, the kids dressed and out the door, and the daycare drop-off done. I always end up feeling super frazzled.

Have any of your own momfessions to share?

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