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Confidence: Feeling It Like a Hot Red Lipstick!

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Everyone wants it, everyone deserves it! It can take a word to feel it and a word to lose it. What makes us confident? Does it come from others or within?

Confidence can come from anyone, anything or anywhere! Maybe it's that killer red lipstick for those special nights out. Its that hot color that is the finishing touch before you strut out the door to a great night out! For others it may be acing that test, or succeeding in a hard recipe. The thing about "confidence" is that it comes and goes from everything and everyone around us, as well as the feelings inside us.

A negative statement from someone, a negative impact in our life, family, can plummet our confidence, for some it does not return easily. Isn't is funny how we tend to hold on to the negative thoughts about ourselves and discount the positive?

How do we build up our confidence and our self worth. Here are four great tips to feeling your most confident quickly, easily, powerfully:

Do something selfless
When we do something nice for someone else, be it pick up the phone and call someone who loves to hear from us, or visit -- we always feel good knowing you made someone else feel good.

Do something different
Sign up for a class -- dance, writing, a meet up. Create your bucket list and do something on the list. Feeling productive, going outside our box helps us to feel to feel good about ourselves, even sexy! Afraid of trying something new and looking ridiculous? So does everyone else! Realize it just does not matter! You never know who you may meet in the process!

Natural Remedies for Emotional Health
The earth has given us all we need for shelter, for food, and even for our health and wellness. If confidence is affected -- go to your health food store and pick up Larch from Bach Flower Remedies or order Five Corners from Australian Bush Flower Essences online. Put a few drops in your liquid 2x daily and you will notice your thoughts changing to self positive within the week! Use it for your kids too!

Just do it!
Still have that extra 10 pounds to lose, been wanting to join a gym? Have some unfinished projects that need your care. Get it done. Clear up your mental clutter. Make a promise to yourself and do it! Pick a date and what you want done, and get it done!

Being scared doesn't mean you aren't confident. It's natural to be scared of new experiences. Committing and going through with them will bring you confidence to keep trying new things! Pick up your remedies and get started. Be proud, be courageous, and be true. Your confidence and self-esteem will skyrocket!