Confirmed on Video: Republican Incoherence Run Amok

This incredible new video clip officially confirms that, as comedian Andy Borowitz
, that the Republicans have decided to shut down not only the government but their frontal lobes:

What Louie Gohmert, a fairly powerful leader in the all-important House tea party caucus, is arguing is that if Republicans in the House refuse to increase the debt ceiling, that this would be an impeachable offense by President Obama. Think about the logic on that one for a minute. Wait, sorry, don't want to destroy any more of your brain cells. This idea by Gohmert goes completely around the bend: Republican want to impeach President Obama not for his own action but for their inaction? It's like an Escher drawing on acid.

We're at the endgame of this particular episode of Republican craziness. Their logic and their brains have melted away. Their messaging is a toxic stew. Their political strategies are sand in the wind. Their policies are incoherent rage. The biggest questions now are how much damage will they cause, to the country and to themselves. We will soon know the answers because we are almost out of time. The scariest thing is that you can't cut a deal with people who, uh, think(?) like this. We can only hope that the saner people in the Republican party can find a way around their sociopathic brothers and sisters.

All those stories last week about the Democrats taking back the House because of this mess? The odds get better for us Democrats every single day. And if Gohmert's idea spreads (and even, please God, gets pushed by other Republicans), it will be a lock.