Biracial Woman Bravely Talks To KKK Members And Neo-Nazis To Confront Racism Face-To-Face

Most people would be afraid to confront a member of the Ku Klux Klan to talk about racism, but one filmmaker has made it her mission to do just that.

Mo Asumang, daughter of a black Ghanaian father and a white German mother, is literally challenging racism head on. In her documentary, The Aryans, Asumang goes to Germany to speak to Neo-Nazis, and to America to bravely walk among Klan members. Intolerance stems from ignorance, and she believes one way to educate members of these groups is to simply make them face a person they hate.

"These people don't actually talk to Jews," says Asumang in the video above. "They don't talk to black people. They don't know their enemy, so-called enemy. So what they do, when they talk to me, they talk to reality, and that's the first thing they have to survive."

Though Asumang receives mixed reactions, her presence alone is powerful enough to make a difference for some. If nothing else, these Neo-Nazis and KKK members are at least forced to put a friendly face to an otherwise imagined vision of a biracial person.

"I think it totally confuses them because I'm not like they want me to be, " she says. "So I stand there, maybe I smile at them, and because it's a human reaction, you wanna smile back. So I see them trying to hold down the smile, and that's something very very interesting."

Watch the video above to get a glimpse into Asumang's impactful documentary.



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