Confused: McCain Claims "We've Made Progress" On Financial Crisis

Confused: McCain Claims "We've Made Progress" On Financial Crisis

On NBC News Thursday night, John McCain claimed that "we've made progress" on negotiating a financial rescue package. McCain suggested that he deserves some of the credit for the "progress" even though a bipartisan deal struck before McCain arrived on Capitol Hill fell apart after he met with House Republicans.

Here's his exact words:

"I think that we've made progress, and I'm confident we will have a deal. How much I had to do with that, I'll let you and others be the judge."

As a reminder, when John McCain landed in Washington, DC, House and Senate leaders from both parties had agreed to a framework for a deal.

Less than two hours after McCain began his meeting with GOP Leader John Boehner, Boehner announced that House Republicans were no longer on board with the deal. Next came the disastrous White House meeting -- which was McCain's idea to begin with.

So we went from having a basic deal in place to having no deal at all.

And McCain calls that progress? He couldn't possibly be more confused.

Here's video:

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