How did we get here?
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I thought we had reached rock bottom. But we had oh so much lower to go. Cue the music, because we have CNN BREAKING NEWS!

That’s right! After saying he would give medical records to Dr. Oz, Trump’s campaign said, this morning, that he wouldn’t. That caused a lot of “Breaking News” graphics on CNN and general media hysteria. But, now, Donald Trump changed his mind again. If that isn’t worth breaking news coverage, I don’t know what is.

Hey, remember that bombshell story from Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald, today, about the inextricable financial ties to foreign governments and criminals Trump has, through the Trump Organization?

Forget it! We have breaking news about Donald Trump giving medical records to Dr. Oz when he said he wouldn’t.

And what did he apparently give to Dr. Oz?

A one-page summary of his physical, without giving any access to his exam records.

In short, nothing useful.


Yet, look at the initial headlines, regarding this one-pager release:

Trump shares results from physical exam on 'Dr. Oz Show'” - The Hill

Donald Trump reveals medical results during Dr. Oz taping” - ABC Action News

“Trump Flips Again, Gives Medical Document to Dr. Oz” - Daily Beast

Seeing those headlines, you’d think Donald Trump actually put out material that a doctor could use to really gain insight into someone’s health, not a worthless one-pager that gives no new insight into his health.

Maybe we could find out more by interviewing a totally objective person, who was in the audience of the show.

Yeah, this guy looks legit objective
Yeah, this guy looks legit objective

Yes, CNN interviewed this guy to give them a no-BS assessment of what happened during the Dr. Oz taping. He said things like “Dr. Oz was very impressed” and that he was really proud of Trump’s “transparency.”


How did we get here?

Well, Trump played the media perfectly. Perfectly.

Like the contractors he’s scammed time and time again, Donald Trump made a deal with Dr. Oz. He would release his medical records to Dr. Oz, and discuss parts of them, on air.

He let the show go and promote the hell out of it. Media waited with bated breath.

Then, just like he did with contractors who helped build his developments, he reneged. No health records. Take it or leave it.

What’s Dr. Oz supposed to do? He just put everything he had into promoting this show. People are tuning in. It is too late to scrap the program. Just like contractors, he was stuck. He had to take what Trump was offering.

Likewise, the news media now had been following this Dr. Oz appearance like LeBron James was a free agent, looking for a new team, again.

They invested all they had in following this story. They couldn’t bail either. In fact, this new development made everything more exciting. What was going on? First he said he would release records to Dr. Oz. Now he says he isn’t!

Finally, the coup de grâce. Trump releases something after all. No matter that it is a worthless one-page summary. It was a drip of water for a parched media, aching for any info Trump was willing to give them.

“Donald Trump surprises Dr. Oz with results of recent physical” -

Huzzah! The benevolent Donald Trump came through for us, after all! He surprised us with a gift!

And there you go. Segment after segment, and two news cycles down the drain, following the journey of Trump to Oz.

I don’t need an exam ― or even a BS one-pager ― to explain why it’s sickening.

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