Congress Approval Rating Lower Than Cockroaches, Genghis Khan And Nickelback, Poll Finds

Poll: Cockroaches More Popular Than Congress

It's no secret that Congress isn't popular, but a new poll showcases that unpopularity with some rather startling comparisons.

The Democratic-leaning firm Public Policy Polling recently asked respondents to compare their favorability of lawmakers with a long list of decidedly unpopular things. According to the firm, "what we found is that Congress is less popular than cockroaches, traffic jams, and even Nickelback."

While Congress was able to edge out Lindsay Lohan, the Ebola virus, the Kardashians and North Korea, it failed to best other items on the list, including Genghis Khan, NFL replacement referees, used car salesmen, lice, and the band Nickelback, according to Think Progress.

From Public Policy Polling's press release announcing the survey results:

Here's what we found:

It's gross to have lice but at least they can be removed in a way that given the recent reelection rates members of Congress evidently can't: Lice 67 Congress 19

Brussel sprouts may have been disgusting as a kid, but evidently they're now a lot less disgusting than Congress: Brussel Sprouts 69 Congress 23

The NFL replacement refs may have screwed everything up, but voters think Congress is screwing everything up even worse: Replacement Refs 56 Congressmen 29 (the breakdown among Packers fans might be a little bit different).

Full results from the Public Policy Polling survey are available on the organization's website.

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