Confidence In Congress Falls To Lowest Mark For Any Institution Ever: Poll

When it comes to Gallup polling, there has never been an institution that inspires less confidence in the American people than the U.S. Congress does now, a survey released on Thursday found.

According to the survey, only 10 percent of respondents said they had confidence in Congress, the lowest mark ever recorded for any institution on a poll of this sort. Congress' new low marks a three-point downturn from 2012 and the bottom of a downward trend that began after the first poll of its kind was taken in 1973, finding a 42 percent confidence rating.

With its ranking, Congress comes in behind other institutions such as Health Management Organizations (HMOs), organized labor and big business. The U.S. military topped the list, with seventy-six percent saying they had confidence in the armed forces.

The poll is the latest piece of bad press for Congress. Surveys have consistently shown the American public dissatisfied with the legislative body that represents it. In fact, just six percent of voters give Congress a positive job rating, according to a poll released earlier this month.

Gallup's poll was based on telephone interviews conducted June 1-4, 2013, with a random sample of 1,529 adults.



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