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Congress on Sale! Politicians Put Their Mouths Where Their Money Is. - The List - Part II

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The majority of the United States Congress takes money from one or more special interests weighing in heavily on the health care reform bill. In Part One, I showed you the multi-million dollar players down to the mid six figures. In Part II, we look at the mid-six figure senators and representatives.

The Mid-Six Figures of Separation

The group who had donations in the low to mid six figures will also likely be listening loud and clear to their paid constituencies. This is where the rank, the number to the left of the money, tells you how important, in terms of the politicians top five industries giving, these special interests are in keeping the congressperson or senator in office.

The Who's-Who in the mid-six include Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Jeff Binghaman (D) who took in $207,563.00 from health professionals in sparsely populated New Mexico.


In the next section, we look at the low-six figure players.


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