Americans Call On GOP, Democrats To Mix Rosters At Their Big Game

Could united teams help unite America?

The annual Congressional Baseball Game between Democrats and Republicans will go on despite Wednesday’s shooting at a GOP practice for the event, which left six injured. 

But there’s a growing call for Thursday’s game to be played a little differently this year.

Instead of having the two parties play each other, as tradition holds, many people would like to see the teams mix rosters to show they’re all really on the same side: America.  

Michael Morris of the conservative CNSNews.com is one of the leading voices backing the gesture. 

“[I]n a show of true statesmanship, true leadership, perhaps Democrats and Republicans should come together, mix the teams for the big game and play united as one in an effort to begin the healing process for an undeniably divided America,” he wrote. 

Many on Twitter shared similar sentiments throughout the day:



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