Congressman Accused of Domestic Assault

In a shocking video released by several news outlets, Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida is caught verbally assaulting and getting physical with a Politico reporter. Although the Congressman accuses the reporter of assault, the video clearly shows that it was the Congressman who pushed the reporter first. What made the Congressman react so angrily? Questions asked by the reporter concerning the multiple allegations of domestic abuse against him ignited the Congressman with instant rage.

Congressman Grayson intended on running for Senate and denies all accusations, but progressive groups rescinded their endorsement of the representative last Tuesday, July 26th. This is the first time that Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America have ever revoked an endorsement. Both groups even requested that the representative donate all the contributions he has already received to an organization benefitting domestic violence victims.

Although the reaction from the various progressive groups seems positive, Lolita Grayson has called the police on her husband at least four times and in all four incidents, no files were charged. Two of the four times, Mrs. Grayson sought medical attention from the abuse. The representative not only denies the allegations, but further claims that his wife is a "disturbed woman". Moreover, Grayson's wife first reported the abuse over two decades ago, according to the documents she revealed to Politico, yet this is the first time the story has received dramatic media attention.

Lolita Grayson's story proves that domestic abuse victims can't just leave. While the reasons vary as to why, victims are often trapped in their abusive relationships. It is important that victims like Mrs. Grayson have access to services that can help to permanently remove her from the abusive situation and empower her. For some unexplained and unacceptable reason, her reports of abuse have been largely neglected until now. It is my hope that organizations like mine, Second Chance Employment Services, will provide abuse victims with the financial resources to leave abusive circumstances when the police and other governmental systems are unresponsive. To learn more about helping victims escape from abusive situations, purchase my book Ending Domestic Violence Captivity: A Guide To Economic Freedom here.