Congressmen Still Boozing As Government Shuts Down

Congressmen Still Boozing As Government Shuts Down

With just hours to go until a government shutdown, Congressmen couldn't seem to agree on much except the fact that drinks were in order.

Reporters tweeted Monday night that they could smell booze on the lawmakers working to strike a last-minute spending deal on Capitol Hill:

HuffPost asked one tired-looking House lawmaker if he planned to go get a drink while the Senate took the lead on the government-funding bill for a while. He begrudgingly said no.

"I can't," he grumbled. "I have to be back in two hours."

But Capitol Hill boozing is becoming a trend. Reporters shared stories of seeing and smelling alcohol-fueled lawmakers Saturday night.

House Republicans are unwilling to fund the government without dismantling Obamacare. When that bill passed the House in 2010, Democrats did plenty of boozing themselves, much of it at The Tune Inn, a dive bar just blocks from the Capitol, but plenty of it inside the building as well.

Meanwhile, 800,000 federal workers could be furloughed if the government shuts down.

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