Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz's Latest Ad on Obamacare Highlights Her Boldness

Now that the rollout of the ACA has been proven a success (8 million sign ups), I think Democrats should seize the day and follow Representative Schwartz's bold example.
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It's not the first time Representative Allyson Schwartz had led the way on hot button issues. In fact, she has been a pioneer her whole political career. Her latest TV ad touting her achievement of being an architect of parts of the ACA (the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare) is just the latest example.

Representative Schwartz was publicly for gay marriage before it became a popular issue. She was the first Democratic House member to call for the resignation of Congressman Anthony Wiener after his texting scandal came to light. She has been a constant gun control advocate, speaking out for background checks of gun purchasers, standing up to the NRA (she has an F rating by them).

Congresswoman Schwartz has also been a fierce supporter of women's health issues as she was the Executive Director of the Elizabeth Blackwell Center (a Planned Parenthood Clinic) in Philadelphia.

Ms. Schwartz also introduced and pushed through the CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) which is now a national plan. And she has authored and worked to push through congress the "Hiring Our Veterans Act" which gives tax credits to businesses that hire veterans.

This Pennsylvania Democratic primary season has to me been one of the cleanest run campaigns in the history of politics. All of the TV ads feature the candidates presenting themselves and their visions, never attacking or demeaning their fellow Democrats (only the present GOP Governor Corbett and his record). I haven't had a chance to catch any debates but have heard that even they have been friendly. Kudos to the Democratic contenders for that.

Representative Schwartz's recent ads have highlighted her involvement with the CHIP program, her talking about how she will breakup the "old boy's club" in Harrisburg (hinting how a woman is needed), and now the latest about her contributions to Obamacare. Democrats have been running away from this issue for months. I always thought they should tout their reform of health care.

Now that the rollout of the ACA has been proven a success (8 million sign ups), I think Democrats should seize the day and follow Representative Schwartz's bold example.

Although, the present popular notion is to elect outsiders who are not corrupted by Washington, I believe not all politicians are created equal. Some have integrity, visions, the gumption to work hard to make those visions real, proven records of reform and working for the people, the courage to stand up to extreme lobbyist groups such as the NRA and those attacking women's health rights, and being willing to take risks and proudly tout their work on Obamacare.

Representative Allyson Schwartz is just such a politican and you will be seeing a lot more of her in the future, in ads, on talk shows, in articles. In the past, she has not been one to seek out the spotlight as that is not her style. She would rather work behind the scenes to get things done. But now is her moment to shine and I hope the electorate in the state sees that and elects her the next governor of Pennsylvania. I recently sent Congresswoman Schwartz an idea for a campaign slogan: "Representative Allyson Schwartz for PA Governor: We Need A Woman For A Change." Ain't it the truth?

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