This Connectable Luggage Helps You Navigate Airports Like a Pro

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Solo travelers, overpackers and those traveling with young children all know the struggle of toting multiple bags through airports, at train stations, across streets, up stairs and more. Keeping track of multiple pieces of luggage can turn a dream trip into a major headache — plus, it’s embarrassing when you have a runaway suitcase on a moving train.

If this sounds like a situation you’ve been in before, this connectable hard luggage set might be for you. It lets you pack as much as you want while only having to keep grips on one suitcase. The Tach Tuff connectable luggage set turns multiple pieces of luggage into one wheeled suitcase, so you can navigate through busy airports with ease.

You can connect up to nine bags (!) with easy-attach fasteners — no external hooks, clips, links, cords, attachments or other accessories needed.

Once connected, the weight distributes evenly, so you can move from place to place much more easily than you could with separate bags. And, as you’ve come to expect of any quality luggage, these bags come with high-strength spinning wheels, a protective design and TSA-approved locks.

Since traveling is already expensive, you’ll appreciate the fact that the Tach Tuff Connectable Hard Luggage is currently over 40% off. Plus, it comes in multiple varieties to suit your style. You can get a two-piece set in red or gray for $275, or a three-piece set in red or gray for just $349. That’s extra money in your pocket to spend on souvenirs (that won’t have to worry about making space for in your luggage).

Tach Tuff Connectable Hard Luggage Set - $274.99

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