Inside A Beautiful Connecticut Beach House That Has Us Dreaming Of Summer

Inside A Beautiful Connecticut Beach House That Has Us Dreaming Of Summer

Beaches aren't likely to be the first thing that come to mind when you think of Connecticut. Beach houses, on the other hand, might. Or at least they will once you have a look inside this stunning waterside home that designer Olga Adler says she found in just one day.

Saugatuck Island, which is tucked between the mouth of the Saugatuck River and the Long Island Sound, was once dubbed an "immigrant haven and sailor's delight," by The New York Times, "something of an ethnic aberration in wealthy, cosmopolitan, suburban Westport."

Indeed, it was the island's history that drew Adler to Saugatuck. "We didn’t really know much about this particular house, but we were taken by the history of the island, which used to be part of the small village of Saugatuck," she told HuffPost Home.

Adler took us inside the 2,800-square-foot space that she says was once outdated and lacked a cohesive style. Key words here: "once was."

Meet Olga Adler
Bruce Buck
And step inside her home.
Bruce Buck
It was rebuilt after Superstorm Sandy...
Bruce Buck
... and completely renovated.
Adler was looking for a few specific things in her house hunt.
Bruce Buck
#1 It had to be casual.
Bruce Buck
"We were downsizing from a larger classic colonial home in a woodsy area of Connecticut and we were looking for a more casual lifestyle in proximity to the water," she says. "Access to major highways and a train station was important, and I travel a lot to see my clients. We wanted a medium-size home in a small community with a relaxed feel."
#2 It had to have a swimming pool.
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"One thing that was not negotiable was a pool as swimming is my favorite summer activity," Adler says.
But inside, her dream home needed some work.
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"The house was nicely kept but the floor plan was all wrong and some of the rooms, especially the master bath, were in a dire need of complete overhaul," Adler told us.
Major work.
Bruce Buck
"The kitchen was tiny and dark; each bedroom had a different color carpet; there were walls where there should be none; low load bearing beams made taller guests duck under them," Adler explains.
Naturally, an overhaul like this took some time.
Bruce Buck
"It took three months to get all required permits and variances and six months for construction, and another two months for landscaping," says Adler.
But in the end, her dream home prevailed.
Bruce Buck

Check out more photos of Olga's dream home in the slideshow below.

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