Connecticut's Game of Campaign Musical Chairs: Everyone Please Move up One Space

Connecticut's game of campaign musical chairs was set in motion by Governor Jodi Rell's decision to not seek reelection in 2010. The surprising news was followed by Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's announcement that he plans to run for Sen. Chris Dodd's (D-Conn.) senate seat. Susan Bysiewicz, currently Connecticut's Secretary of State, called the tune today with a interesting, strategic,in course correction.

Democrat Susan Bysiewicz, currently leading the pack in the latest polling, has been mulling her run for Governor since she was in bobby socks. That was the case at least, up until noon on Wednesday.

Bysiewicz decided to withdraw from the gubernatorial race and instead, declared her candidacy for Attorney General, a position Richard Blumenthal has held for the past nineteen years. So everyone in line for the position of Governor... Please move up one space.
has decided to withdraw from the gubernatorial race and declare her candidacy for the position of Attorney General, the office Richard Blumenthal has held for the past nineteen years. Everyone in line for the position of Governor... please move up one space. (Interesting side note: Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) was Connecticut's Attorney General from 1983-1989.)

At this early stage in the game, Sec. Susan Bysiewizc seems to have the most local name recognition as she has emerged as "the candidate to beat." Her exit, stage left, this afternoon, leaves Greenwich entrepreneur, Ned Lamont scion of the house of J.P. Morgan chairman Thomas W. Lamont ( his personal fortune is estimated at between ninety and three hundred million) with a slightly better view of the gubernatorial cat bird seat.

In 2006, Lamont paid a staggering sixteen million dollars for a bit of name recognition in his failed run against Independent Joe Lieberman. Today, Lamont's chances to move into the Hartford Governor's Mansion just improved a tad. Everyone in line please move up one space... one space only.

Democrat Dan Malloy, the Mayor of Stamford, formerly in the number three spot, trails Ned Lamont by double digits. Everyone else, either Republican or Democrat, barely tips the scales. I am, however, hearing some buzz about Juan Figueroa, a candidate so newly in the running, there isn't any data available. I'm hearing the 'Juan buzz', not from my usual sources or from my political junkie friends over a pint, I'm hearing Figueroa's name mentioned around the neighborhood.

Ned Lamont comes to the table with a mighty war chest, but if Figueroa can find a way to mobilize the nascent interest in his grassroots candidacy, he might make this Connecticut 2010 campaign season, a horse race worth watching.