Connecting Through Chaos

There has been so much chaos happening in our world, from the destruction of natural disasters to shooting rampages and it’s easy for us all to become disconnected within ourselves and surrender to a place of fear. That’s why it’s important during times like this for us to stay connected to our spirit source. By doing so it puts us in a space of love and peace. So to find out tips on how we can go about tapping in, I sat down and asked, Yogi, Kundalini Master, Director of the Self Awareness Institute, Shaktipat Master, Best-Selling Author, TV and radio host Guruji Steven S. Sadleir for some tips on how we can stay connected in times of turmoil and this is what he had to say.

How do we stay connected to our spirit source?

The key in understanding what spirit source is, it’s a place of grace within side you. Open your third eye and realize the transcendental nature of God’s existence within you, around you and within all things. There is a big enlightenment happening all around the world right now.

So are you saying what appears to be a disaster is actually a wake up call for us to connect? Then why do you feel there is so much fear in the world?

Yes, people are disconnected because they are asleep in their minds; most of what is in their head is programmed. It has been downloaded through external sources that are fear based like the news, negative things constantly happening being programmed into their minds.

We have also conditioned our own minds with many sources of fear; self-conscious, ignorance and a whole lot more of these negative emotions. There is light within ourselves that is guided by God, which we need to tap into. These wake up calls are an opportunity for us to do that.

What makes us choose the path of fear instead of connecting?

We live in our head and we have a resistance to change. We don’t listen, we chase after our own thoughts and desires and this keeps us from listening to our inner voice and following that inner light. We need to realize God’s presence within us and around us. We are all cells of the brain of God, a greater consciousness. But we choose to not live that way instead we live in a microscopic state of awareness.

What’s the best way to combat these feelings of fear and negativity so we can experience a shift in awareness?

First we need to realize that there can be a shift. Realize that there are chemicals in the brain that are causing the suffering, take a step back, become the witness or the observer, develop a greater consciousness, so we take conscious control over our minds, the energy moving through our thoughts and actions and get in alignment with the energies moving around us. Think of it like Jedi training.

What are some of the greatest benefits we reap by connecting to the source within?

Most of us have heard, “The answers lie within.” By connecting we will have clarity and feel inspired. We will feel happiness and peace that can only be experienced by connecting. We stop chasing and feeling like something around us has to change because we now feel fulfilled. This is why we should meditate, to help us stay present to the moments that are happening in the now. It’s all about learning the discipline to get back in touch with ourselves, our life force energy.

It’s a choice to get connected. Often times it takes a major life experience to cause a shift in us. Those knocks that we experience are an opportunity for us to connect to our spirit and when we do, it unites us around the world. By enlightening we experience balance and a love so strong that when consistent it can shift us into world peace. So what are we all waiting for? The next time a stressful situation heads your way, pause, breath, and connect to the spirit that lies within. For when we change our thoughts it’s then that the situation begins to change, change your thoughts, change your life.

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