The Quote That Keeps 'Screwing Up' Connie Britton's Dating Life

The Quote That Keeps 'Screwing Up' Connie Britton's Dating Life

There's no question that Connie Britton is a catch, but she's worried something she said recently is scaring men away.

When the actress stopped by HuffPost Live to chat about her new film "This Is Where I Leave You," "Nashville" and, of course, "Friday Night Lights," host Ricky Camilleri asked about a recent interview with Redbook magazine in which Britton said she wants her 3-year-old adopted son Yoby to have a "father figure," which prompted headlines across the Internet about her search for a man for her family.

Britton told HuffPost Live that she does want that father figure, but coverage of her quote has made it seem more important than it actually is.

"I say that in an hour-long interview, and suddenly there are all these headlines: 'Connie Britton is looking for a father figure!'" Britton said. "It's like, guys, that is screwing up my dating life."

All jokes aside, Britton said that being a single mom won't factor into her decision about which men to date.

"I'm not going to put that kind of pressure on myself or on a relationship or on anything. I made the choice to have this child, and I'm doing it on my own, and when and if the right man comes into my life, then my son will have a father figure," she said.

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