Connie Britton And Reba McEntire's Awkward 'Nashville' Conversation (VIDEO)

Connie Britton, who plays country superstar Rayna James on the freshman ABC drama "Nashville," stopped by "The View" Monday and told the story of an awkward encounter she had with real-life country superstar Reba McEntire on an airplane.

Apparently Reba caught Britton off-guard when she asked if Rayna was based on Reba. Britton recounted that Reba asked, "Now have you been reading about the fact that you're playing me on your show?"

The question got Britton a little flustered. "And I was like ... Because I hadn't. Nobody had told me that. I hadn't heard that at all. And I'm not playing her at all. I'm not playing any one person," Britton replied.

However, Britton did tell USA Today that Rayna was inspired by several country stars, including Faith Hill, McEntire, Patty Loveless and Bonnie Raitt.

Britton stressed that McEntire was "maybe the nicest person on the planet," but she wasn't sure if Reba was flattered or insulted by her similarity to the character. But judging from the fact that McEntire told WWGP that she wouldn't mind guest-starring on "Nashville" as herself, she's probably a fan of the show.

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