Connie Chung Is 'Thrilled' That Matt Lauer And Charlie Rose Were Fired

She said she was proud of how quickly CBS and NBC took action.

Connie Chung is one journalist who’s happy that Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose were finally fired for sexual misconduct.

Chung, appearing on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” Thursday evening, was asked how she felt about the allegations against the veteran newsmen.

It was a long time coming, she suggested, while praising NBC and CBS for the way they handled the cases.

“I’m very proud of CBS and NBC for just taking quick action,” she said. “Some people might be victims of precipitous action, but these two, the reports about them seemed excessive. I was thrilled for this moment, for women.”

Chung declined to go any further. She laughed and said, “I’m sorry, but that’s all I should say.”

But the first Asian-American woman to host a network newscast pulled no punches when host Andy Cohen asked if she had experienced sexual harassment in her career.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, sure. Yeah. Every day. I mean, a lot. Especially when I started out,” Chung responded.

Then she added, “Let me say for the record that anybody that sexually harassed me is now dead. They’re so old!” 



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