Connie Laurie, 85-Year-Old Great Grandmother, Reels In 850-Pound Marlin

Connie Laurie reeled in 10 pounds for every year of her life.

Last wednesday the 85-year-old Aussie great grandmother had the catch of of her life. According to, Laurie pulled in a fish multiple times her own weight while fishing on a charter boat off the coast of northern Australia.

She was able to reel in the 850-pound marlin she captured up to the back of the boat. According to ABC News (, Laurie held onto the rod throughout the battle.

The marlin popped out of the water for one incredible second giving the amateur angler an unforgettable view. The charter company grabbed a great shot of the catch, which you can see here.

"Only twice did I get lifted out of the seat when it made a run, but I was able to get it right up to the back of the boat before we released it," Laurie told Cairns.

The marlin was later released.

Despite a long amateur fishing career, this catch was certainly her most memorable. "I certainly didn't feel 85 when I was bringing it in, I was too busy concentrating on keeping it on and getting it into the boat," she told ABC News.

The unforgettable trip almost never even happened as well. It seems the group that had originally booked the charter was forced to cancel because of the Qantas airline grounding, leaving a spot open for the elderly fisherwoman. Laurie jumped at the chance to fish for black marlin.