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Conquer the Elements During Fall and Beyond

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Seasons and climates can have a great impact on not only how we style our hair but also on how our hair looks, feels and withstands the elements. There are a few things to consider as we get into the climates of fuzzy sweaters and warm jackets.

With winter upon us we tend to think of rain and snow along with umbrellas and snowmen. All of this means that there's a lot of moisture. However, while the weather conditions may be acting one way, your hair and nails typically are going in a different direction. Believe it or not, hair, skin and nails tend to become dry during these months.

One of the side effects that you can count on when the hair becomes dry is that awful static electricity. You know, the kind where you can see your hair standing straight up once you pull a sweater over your head. Or how about when your brush becomes more like a magnet than a detangler. All, I can say is...YUK!

There's some simple reasons why this happens. When the weather gets cold we typically spend more time inside. Being indoors during the cold months equates to putting the heaters on higher temperatures in our houses, cranking up the heat in our cars and even hiking up the thermometer in our work place. Now, this might make things feel nice and cozy but all this heat dries out the air which in turn dries out our hair.

So, what can we do to ensure we still look great, especially in light of all the special activities, family functions and holiday parties that many of us want to look good for? Winter months are a great time to add a deep conditioner to your regime. There are several terrific deep conditioners on the market. Some of them you can apply in the shower and leave them on for a few minutes and rinse out. Others, you may want to leave on for a longer period of time while you're doing things around the house and then wash them out to really obtain the full benefit.

Another rule you should stick with is deep conditioning your hair at least once a week. Getting on a schedule will help you to maintain healthy hair throughout the season. I like to pick a set day each week that I know I may have a little extra time and add this to my beauty regime.

Ceramic brushes are also terrific for reducing static in your hair. The right brush mixed with the right styling product can go miles towards helping you achieve the look that you want. I personally love styling oils. Some of them are packed with nutrients that make your hair shine throughout the dry season.

It's also a great time to go from your normal cleansing and conditioning routine to a shampoo and conditioner with additional moisturizing properties. Remember, the key here is to add the moisture back into the hair that has been depleted through the season.

An added benefit of changing up your products is that it's always good to switch up what you use. This prevents your hair from getting so acclimated to a product that it's no longer reaping its benefits. In addition, you may find a product you actually like better than what you've been using.

Whatever you do, enjoy the changes in seasons! Remember, it's easy to look great with a little bit of planning. I am wishing all of you beautiful hair days throughout the the upcoming months.