Conrad Murray Reportedly Placed On Suicide Watch At Los Angeles County Jail After Guilty Verdict

Jackson Doctor Reportedly Placed On Suicide Watch

Dr. Conrad Murray has reportedly been placed on suicide watch after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

The King of Pop's former personal physician was placed under close supervision at the Los Angeles County Jail after being remanded following his conviction, an anonymous law enforcement source told the Los Angeles Times.

News of the suicide watch was also reported by local CBS-affiliate KCAL.

UPDATE: (4:13 p.m.)Television station KTLA reports that Murray has not been placed on suicide watch and is instead in isolation for his own safety.

After 22 days of testimony, it took jurors less than two full days to reach a verdict in the widely publicized case.

Murray's defense team claimed it was Jackson who administered a lethal dosage of the surgical anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid in 2009. They told jurors that Murray wasn't even in the room when it happened.

But prosecutors alleged Murray was criminally negligent in using such a strong drug to combat the King of Pop's insomnia, no matter who administered the fatal dose.

Sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 29. Murray will be stripped of his medical license and faces up to four years in prison.


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