Conscious Capitalism: Taking Actions That Are Good for Self, Others and the Entire World

Just three short months ago, we let out a collective sigh of relief as we stood on the precipice of a new era in American politics. Though we weren't sure how President Obama would respond to the many challenges at hand, many of us shared in his determination to shift our country's fear-based focus into a mindset of hope and progress. When the election dust had settled, we began to tell ourselves that we'll all be fine now. All of our needs will be met. Well...if you're one of the many who think that Obama's stimulus package will miraculously save us, that home foreclosures will magically cease, consumer confidence will instantly increase, and everyone will go back to work in the blink of an eye...think again.

The heavy lifting has just begun and there is no such thing as a quick fix. While we must hold in our consciousness the belief that prosperity is attainable, it's important that we understand the nature of the challenges, and act responsibly and powerfully. Every one of us must participate in the process of transformation with every single fiber of our being.

Our participation requires a new way of thinking, feeling and acting. Without this shift internally, any external shift is like putting a band-aid on an open wound. The decisions we individually and collectively make right now must create a new blueprint for reaching a prosperous, cooperative, and thriving global community. Not just prosperity for the United States but prosperity for the entire world. In his inaugural address, President Obama stated that "we gather because we choose hope over fear; unity of purpose over conflict and discord." Only when we adhere to this message by putting divisive rhetoric and partisan principles aside will we be ready to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. This shift we're experiencing in our world is a call to action, an opportunity for each and every one of us to stand up in unity for what we believe in -- for our nation, for ourselves, and for our world. Capitalism works, and we yet must become Conscious Capitalists.

Supporters of conscious capitalism know that for any to win, all must win. It matters not only what we do, but also how we do. Each of us individually, as well as collectively, must become responsible for seeking our own interest in harmony with, and not at the expense of, other humans and the environment.

We are inundated daily with news stories demonstrating that the greed of a few directly affects the well being of the masses. No longer can we put our individual sense of entitlement above the greater good. This is a time of transformation; an opportunity to clear out the old, and move forward in a bold, new direction. As our nation and our world is shifting, we need to re-learn things we thought we knew; re-focus our attention to create positives results in our lives; and re-align our personal habits to maximize our potential. As Gandhi said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

This means getting at the cause of our challenges versus focusing on the effects alone. The consciousness of each and every human being is the cause. While creating a state of Harmonic Wealth® is a personal experience, it's not simply a private matter. Worlds, nations, political parties and corporations do not cause change; nor do cities, neighborhoods or families. Ultimately, individuals cause change. When a critical mass of individuals change their way of thinking, feeling, and acting, their families, neighborhoods, cities, countries and the entire world will change as a direct result.

We potentially find our greatest strengths and greatest gifts in our times of challenge. While this may be a trying time for our collective ego, our spirits are on a steep learning curve. Every significant breakthrough is almost always preceded by a breakdown.

We are a nation of visionaries. Our founding fathers landed on these shores seeking better lives, and many have followed their lead. Since then, we've gone through hardships and glories, and we've always come through the difficult times stronger, wiser and more determined. My hope is that in this turbulent time we'll learn to value that which is eternal versus fleeting, the important over the inconsequential, and the earned over the borrowed. I believe that future generations will look back upon this time and state, "They were the ones who figured it out." When we do, true harmony and well being will be a reality in our country and in our world.