Conscious Migration

Now I want to take you on an adventure: Jump on a rocket ship flying in the universe. To safely land on a planet with oxygen like that of Earth, humans with a similar anatomy as ours, vehicles as comprehensible as ours, and humor.

The rocket ship has 75 humans -- they are quantum physicists, engineers, mechanics, geologists, farmers, doctors, and explorers. As well as children. Yet this planet's humans refuse and reject landing, to the brilliant people on board. This planet on the same universe as us simply just does not allow it.

This unacceptable and unwelcoming of migration to other lands is currently existent, in this planet.

I am an immigrant. And I was an undocumented child for five years. At the age of five, I was aware of what I could and could not do, due to my status. I couldn't obtain a library card. I had to be cautious of ICE raids in our immigrant-filled neighborhoods. I even hid from the police when my family had to call 911 for a medical emergency, because I had no legal documentation, which if you called from the neighborhood we grew up in, the police would ask for.

As a dreamer, this prevented my expansion, and as a scholar this limited my studies.

I now have the privileged of being a citizen, meaning I can travel back to my homeland, Mexico. I crave to go back, to smell the air, to feel the nostalgic connection on each of my cell membranes. It brings joy and love, humbling me, and I see this happen to my family, as well. But now I want to speak for my family and friends who can't go back, due to being undocumented. When you ask them if they miss their homeland, their eyes immediately sadden. Their tone of voice varies from hate or sadness. Also a deep joy from all the greatness lived there. I imagine they must have that crave I feel myself.

Now I wanna present some ideas about migration to different countries. We should give residential legal documentation to humans with morals, family love, and aspiration; this is beneficial for us but also for their emotional health, especially those escaping famine, civil disputes, or organized groups of criminals. They only leave their amazing lands and ancestral roots for survival purposes. These survivors have all to give, in their new migration.

There is much job scarcity in the U.S., yet there are also areas with a lack of employees. Being- recycling, interpreters at schools, care takers of the Earth (the planet we stand on), the atmosphere being cared for. Care of rivers, oceans, animals. As well as care for babies, children, and elders.

These are all areas any immigrant from any country can do, and I'm sure they can even add more from where they come from and what their ancestors gave to them genetically. With an opportunity to show themselves, the possibilities are endless.

We are a planet of seven billion people , thus learning how to live with one another is crucial; instead of teaching hate and ignorance between countries, we need to acknowledge the population.

Have you ever been alone for sometime, just you, no one else? It feels lonely. It can be great to be alone, but after a while you desire human connection, you desire a good conversation, a laugh, or even a hug.

Acknowledging one another, like humans, see who we are, where we come from, listen to our wishes or even our tremors. Respect cultures while learning of them. In the United States alone the restaurants vary from Italian, to Chinese, to Mexican, and Middle-eastern, etc.

We already taste diversity and love it. We can also experience diversity through physical bodies and mentality. Besides have you ever partied with Colombians or Africans? The rhythm and soul in the parties is enlivening. Or entered an Asian home, having to respectfully remove your shoes because you're entering someone's private space. That to me is humbling and I become more respectful to their space.

I've had a Polish girl teach me ways of cleaning, how it was done in Poland. Romanian ladies teach me ethics and priorities from their cultural upbringing. These are just basic teachings, what if we go bigger from caring of land, to ways of learning, or even industrial working. We can remove harmful boundaries between cultures and integrate gratitude and improvement for the population growth, as well as healthy boundaries.

With an opportunity a person can do more than enough, and with requirements from the country giving residential legal stay, there can be productive advancement, or even healing humanly or earthly.

I strongly must say that requirements are needed for this legal residential stay, because free loading and slacking is far way easier than hard working and caring. Our taxes should go to better roads or schools, rather than feeding families constantly dependent on government help.

Thank you.