Conscious Parenting: Raising a Child to Find Their Soul's Purpose (Part 1)


The evening after I'd given birth to my daughter, I sat in the hospital bed and held her in my arms, unsteadied by the responsibility that lay before me. I'd calculated what it would cost to provide for her every month, what to budget for food, diapers, doctor's visits, clothing, what to save for school...but what consumed me now weren't those "practical" things, but this: Was I equipped to teach her how to live? I'd had a life where I was blessed to have always had food, clothing, and shelter. I finished college. I'd learned how to climb the ladder, how to navigate a cocktail room, how to conduct myself in social settings, apply make-up, speak articulately, dress properly and what it meant to be poised...etiquette-wise, I was golden, but there were times when I'd found myself flailing, almost drowning, through life - because I didn't know what my soul was here to do.

We spend our formative years learning social conventions. Then we are enrolled in school, college, get jobs that we work hard at in order to make money, flounder through relationships, are pushed this way and that by circumstances, and then we get to a point in our lives where we wonder at the purpose of the rat race. We find ourselves jaded - despite the hard-earned possessions, as our soul cries out, "Remember me? I am why you are here. Don't let your ego forget me. There is something magnificent you were born to do. There is a reason why you were born in this moment in time." Then, through the craving borne of this necessity, we begin to look for answers. There were times when I've found myself in such a place; and that day, holding baby girl in my arms, I knew I needed to give my daughter a set of tools to support her in life, and a different paradigm from which she could exist. I wondered, what would the world be like if we made a quantum leap in how we teach children, with more focus on soul goals versus climbing ladders that can lead to nowhere? So, I began to put myself through courses, reading lots of books, listening to CDs, and attending workshops. I started to ask myself these questions:
• What if we taught our children that the goal of their existence was to find their soul purpose?
• What if children were empowered to make decisions through feeling, and we reinforced the validity of choices that were "right for you" ones?
• What if we allowed them to express their thoughts and feelings, giving them the space to intuit and learn for themselves?
• Instead of pushing young adults towards careers, what if we pushed them towards their passion?
• What if we taught our babies that they were truly children of God, that each of them was born for a specific reason, that their very birth caused a shift that changed the world, and that their creations would change the course of history?
• What if we taught that there is strength in vulnerability and kindness, in listening more/speaking less, in leading and living from the heart?
• What if we told them every day, how magnificent they were, and that they brought light into the world?
• What if we taught them energy work, so they knew how to balance when they felt un-aligned or "off"?
• What if they had tools to manage their "self", for example, knowing how to use their breath to calm themselves when upset?
• What if we taught them that they could manage their minds effortlessly, much like they could change the channel on a television station - and that there were mental tools and spiritual guidance at their disposal? Angels are real, you know.
• What if they knew they were born to live a magnificent, happy existence?

What would happen is their lives would be radically different as they navigated experiences. There would be less suffering of the self and less suffering inflicted on others. What would happen is that we would raise brilliantly enlightened children, who would become adults who gave more conscious thought to the soul, versus the ego self or material possessions. What would happen is that we would also see a huge paradigm shift in our spiritual evolution - when these millions of children, born around the world - different cultures, races, genders, religions - these empowered light workers, knew their gifts and learned to responsibly use their gifts in the world.

I will be sharing this article in several parts, so look for the follow-on next week! Part 2 will share thoughts of what the world might look like; Part 3 will give examples of tools for your child's toolkit, and I'll share how conscious parenting and raising a spiritually conscious child can change you.

Thank you for allowing me to share my heart and my thoughts with you. Love to all, M