Great Transformation Happening on the Planet

This transformation that is occurring is an inner stretching of consciousness expanding. We are recalibrating our understanding of reality as individuals and as a collective.
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There is a great transformation happening on the planet. Each of us is experiencing it in our own particular way. It is deeply personal, and yet because we are all experiencing it, it is also universal. It is beneficial for us to understand what is happening and be able to see, with an eagle-like vision, our relative experience in the context of the whole, because it affords us not only clarity, but also a sense of belonging.

This transformation that is occurring is an inner stretching of consciousness expanding. We are recalibrating our understanding of reality as individuals and as a collective. We are expanding the boundaries of ourselves and in the process re-defining ourselves in every way. Old understandings, old structures and old patterns are dissolving as clarity and vision are emerging.

Humanity is cracking open into a new understanding of itself. The awareness of cosmos in its entirety, in its multi-dimensionality as an energetic field of consciousness is starting to slowly seep into the collective mind. We are moving from a reality of separateness toward one of unity.

Right now, we are in the midst of integrating the fact that we are energetic beings in an energetic universe. This principle is both ancient and primal. It is at the basis of understanding in tribal cultures, and it is echoed in the mystic branches of all faiths. It is also at the basis of our "science," as both Einstein and the quantum physicists discovered when they looked further into the nature of "matter" and realized that we are in fact energy surrounded by energy.

This process of unification is requiring that we journey inward to reconcile the confusion that this misunderstanding has created. Our experience of reality has been a divided one, experienced within the range of polarities such as good and bad, light and darkness, feminine and masculine, us and them. We have been blinded by the multiplicity of form and the spectrums of color, seeing only separate parts. We are moving toward the reconciliation of these polarities and the healing of the divide, which is calling for an inner-recalibration and balancing.

The microcosm reflects the macrocosm, so as our planet is undergoing fundamental shifts to restore balance, so are we. On a personal level, what this means is that the polarities within our Being are rising to the surface to be dealt with, acknowledged and integrated so that we may move into wholeness. Our shadows, what has been too painful to deal with, or the anger we've bottled up as a result, are all surfacing to be embraced. The shadows are coming to meet the light. Our separate, fragmented, unhealed parts are coming into focus to be healed so that wholeness can be restored.

By no means is this process easy, but if we can understand what is occurring and be open to the healing that is unfolding, without resisting what is painfully clear, we can move into a new space of being.

Like a snake shedding its skin, we must release the skins of the past and trust that we are growing new skins from within. Trust is the key word along with a sense of surrender to the larger cycles of the natural world that we are a part of.

Collectively, the polarities are also being balanced. The feminine energy that is love, receptivity and compassion is rising to balance the masculine imbalance that has occurred. A sensitivity toward the earth, and an emerging planetary awareness is being activated as a result. The mis-perception of us as separate from nature and from the oneness of reality is the veil that is beginning to drop. As our understanding transforms to accept the true nature of the universe, in all its multi-dimensionality, we will begin to experience a new world based on a new understanding.

There is so much at our disposal, we have so many resources, and we can connect and affect change like never before. This time of global connectivity was envisioned ages ago by the ancient Maya. They foresaw within the arc of the evolution of consciousness, that there would come a time, a tipping point, a window of expansion that would open the way for an integration of the real. We are now living in this time, and the shift is palpable.

In order for us to stay grounded during these times of transformation, we must access the stillness within. In the inner stillness of the heart, is the opening into oneness. Through the heart, the micro and macro boundaries dissolve, and we can experience the bliss of our true nature. By accessing the stillness, not only can we reconcile our polarities, by literally becoming "still points" in the gamut of polar fluctuations, but we can also heal the divide, and connect to the broader experience of "us."

This journey of transformation has no road map. It's calling us to turn within and activate our intuition, our inner compass, our inner guide. For when we access our inner GPS, we are guided along every step of our journey and shown where we need to be and what we need to do. The answers are within.

So as we awaken to integrate the knowing of the energetic basis of the universe and in the process, heal and embrace our polarities into wholeness, we re-define the world anew. As our planet recalibrates itself into balance so must we. As we envision a new way of experiencing reality based on unity consciousness and planetary awareness, we acknowledge each other as coming from the same source. As our own science tells us, we are "bound" energy swimming in a sea of energy. Let's together shift the "programming" and open up to a new experience of the real.

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