Consciousness & The Hand of Destiny

The tragedy of life isn't that life ends, but that for most the end doesn't feel deserved -- as if it always comes too soon.
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Intuition is the awareness of something that transcends you, that is beyond you - sometimes a subtle potentiality of second sight, telling you where you ought to go. It can come as an offering from your propensity, your destiny, your soul. Courage is the sure hand by which the potential that is intuited can be believed in without knowing the complete path of its manifestation. Living is the engagement of life, awareness of, and response to that call. And even more, it is the requisite for pulse and music. And this rhythm is the ultimate apothecary for the transcendence of loss and loneliness, and the ticket to eternity.

The tragedy of life isn't that life ends, but that for most the end doesn't feel deserved -- as if it always comes too soon. In other words, the tragedy in life is not death, but exists in not nurturing the calling within to go beyond oneself. It is here that potential beauty is murdered by neglect. It feels magical when the sweet hint of destiny, and subtle call to action, comes as the dance of a falling leaf. And it is ominous, yet still beautiful, when that call becomes a warning, and the sign shows as the dark cloud on the horizon accompanied by an ache in the gut -- but knowingly still not too late for response. But when it is easier to twist oneself into another animal, than to face the reworking that must be done to get back in touch with that call - that is when the neglect of that voice becomes a heinous self-crime. That is when the subtle, sweet musical call becomes a vociferating screech -- the culprit being fear, or worse, complacency. You were born out of it, this voice that existed before you, and so your destiny is just to manifest its music out of the beautiful expression of you.

It is true that out of complacency, the minds power of justification to avoid a tall order of destiny can be conveniently mistaken as intuition. But the subtle currents of true intuition will resonate from the soul, through to the dreams and breathe and expression of the individual, so when it is cut off and denied, it only delivers the self into a muted wasteland of confusion. And the feeling of uneasiness from not heeding that call should be acted upon -- it is an evolutionary mechanism of eternity itself, to find its being in the continual rhythm of unfolding and manifesting. It's a sign post on a phenomenon, delivered to you by your greater being, in a deep language you've known forever. The process is the destination and consciousness is the ticket to ride.

And since consciousness precedes reality, when we don't challenge ourselves, we feel ashamed. Because in every moment, we are either stepping towards growth and light or stagnancy and rot -- towards life or towards death. It's healthy to want this biological life, but at the expense of not living it for fear of loosing it, is to suffocate the soul. And since biological life is predeterminately brief, when the soul suffers, it seeps out so that Spirit may steal it away and deposit its essence in an account that can bear to give it life.

Yes, I wish to live! But I will never hold on so tightly that I cannot climb --
climb to the sky, climb to the moon, climb to the stars and climb to eternity. Yes the process really is the destination, so I'll breathe, and make love to it. As you feel it, the face of destiny intuits you also, and its will is mirroring you... right now and forever.
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