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The Missing Piece

Have you ever been stuck in the middle of a puzzle, jigsaw or not, wondering if the next piece -- thought or action -- will be the one that helps complete the picture?
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Have you ever been stuck in the middle of a puzzle, jigsaw or not, wondering if the next piece -- thought or action -- will be the one that helps complete the picture?

Yogi Berra understood that "it ain't over till it's over." Movie makers are constantly planning sequels and prequels to blockbusters. Leaves fall off trees only to bud out again in the spring.

As long as there is consciousness there will never be completion, only evolution.

This week I spent a sleepless night rewriting an outline for my upcoming workshop at the Learning Annex. Originally to be titled "UniqueU," from the blog of the same name, I realized that my blog titled "Game Changers" had automatically overwritten the previous plan. So "Game Changers" is the new name, at least for now.

As the format grows, both in scope and shape, so does my own understanding in order to fully connect and communicate with readers and attendees. We will engage in exercises designed to help us become self aware of the thinking that aroused our curiosity about self awareness in the first place.

Somewhere along the way arose the question that asked, "What am I?" as well as "Who am I?"

As an individual, I exist here on planet Earth among a group of people who just happened to be on the same bus. My fellow passengers may seem to have little in common except that they share a common destination or some other point along the route. Of course we all boarded at some place of origin. Call it coincidence by design -- divine design.

To the bus driver it would appear to make little difference, though the weight of the vehicle rises and falls with the number of riders. Traffic conditions affect us all. So might a sudden storm.

We may read a book to pass the time. Or talk to someone. iPods, iTunes and other devices offer diversion; everyone has an individual experience within the same framework.

Planet Earth is a super-sized bus, yet the analogy holds. As above, so below.

The enormity of differences among its population also serves to highlight similarities. Though walking around in separate shells, we remain an interdependent part of an overall super intelligence.

How do I, as tour guide, teacher and traveler, act as director to such a disparate group, some of whom may see no need for a travelogue at all?

This is no "one size fits all" workshop. We sit in different seats, looking out of windows that present ever-changing landscapes. Our bodily comfort zones constantly shift and adjust. Extraneous thoughts arise and disperse. Attention spans fluctuate.

Everyone in attendance is reacting individually and subjectively according to his/her level of awareness. Questions are posed to penetrate multiple minds, to stimulate thought rather than produce specific answers. Mental and moral superiority are irrelevant.

Unfortunately, egos cannot be left at home or checked at the door. It is the job of the ego to obstruct rather than clarify. Maybe a "time out" could be implemented, whereby one's ego could sit in the back of the room, be quiet, observe and take notes.

Participants then could act as witness to their own testimony without prejudice or judgment from their inner executioner. This life is also a trial without a jury or press in the courtroom. There is no pressure to confess anything other than a willingness to learn.

Closing arguments plead for mercy, kindness and understanding.

Encouragement is offered and instruction suggested to do time in solitary confinement each day.

By surrendering to quiet and listening carefully, one may then receive wise direction that, if followed faithfully will provide the missing piece -- and peace --

That we so ardently and actively pursue.

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