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Conservation and Preservation of the Wisdom and Knowledge of the Past in Health Care

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Speaking at The UN General Assembly at a Conference on World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WSIE16) on the 18th of May. While the best minds in the world spoke about their discoveries and techniques, I focused on the need for conservation and preservation of the wisdom and knowledge of the past, particularly in Healthcare. I asked the 900 odd delegates to read the pulses with their fingers on both hands and surprised them all when they noticed that they were so different in each of them. If rate of heart-beat was the only parameter we can read (modern medicine), then why does it not be the same in each hand and in different individuals. It's the permutations and combinations of the readings of the amplitude of the waves under the fingers, the ancient physicians studied to diagnose various conditions in the body and the mind. It's as recently as the 60s that such techniques were used in Medicine: 14 qualities of the Pulse meant that many states in the body.

By popular demand, I was requested to elaborate my point further at a later session. This time I asked for a volunteer to come forward from the audience. Using my traditional diagnostic methods of Pulse, Iridology and palpation, in full view of the audience and on screen, I accurately made the lady's diagnosis. This was first in the history of The General Assembly. I demonstrated The Art of Medicine.

The following day, I had the full attention of the delegates at a Townhouse Session. I spoke how Medicine can be simplified and taught to doctors who could then work in communities and promote healthcare. By nurturing the Innate Healing Power that all of nature and us possess, we can cure most of our ailments. Just as cuts, burns, bruises, fractures and the common flu, heal themselves, the body has the capability and intelligence to cure most of our ailments. We just need to comply with the treatment plan which is time-tested, efficacious and cost-effective. This could be the solution for The WHO to reach out to the billions with the wisdom of the past.

I also announced that I am trying to establish an Academy of Integrated Healthcare to offer a year-long intensive course for doctors and healthcare professionals. Many delegates and speakers agreed with this approach.