Conservative Columnist Proposes A Gaslighting Way Donald Trump Could End The Shutdown

Charlie Sykes suggested Trump's "lack of reality" may be key to ending the stalemate over border wall funding.

Charlie Sykes has come up with a way for President Donald Trump to save face with his conservative base over his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall — and also end the ongoing government shutdown.

“About the only way that I think he’s going to get out of this is for the Democrats to give him a pretend, fake wall and for him to pretend to believe it is a real wall,” Sykes, the editor-in-chief of conservative news website The Bulwark, joked on MSNBC Wednesday.

“And he is, of course, capable of that,” Sykes added.

Sykes later called Trump a “serial fabulist” and suggested Democrats “maneuver him into standing in front of a non-wall and saying ‘Look at my big, beautiful wall, I’m Donald Trump, I built this for you.’”

“Maybe they can make that lack of reality work for them,” he concluded.

Check out the clip above.