Conservative snowflake whines about sitcom: Not really news is it?

Apparently the comedy Will & Grace should come with a trigger warning for all the conservative snowflakes. Brian Flood, of Fox News (of course) whines that the show had jokes like: "How am I supposed to connect with a kid from Texas? I can't fish or hunt or tell a woman what to do with her fetus."

The episode that has this conservative so apoplectic is about Jack discovering his son had a son, making Jack a grandfather. The grandson is trés gay and Jack's son, from whom he was alienated, was now living in Texas and very conservative.

Of course, the humor is exaggerated. Gee, when gays were swishing around on sitcoms, as long as they were to be laughed at, conservatives didn't mind a bit of exaggeration. And really, telling women what to do with their fetus is hardly an exaggeration of what conservatives do. In fact, it's damn accurate. According to Pew Research, among self-identified conservatives—those who pretend to support small government—69% of them want a government small enough to fit in a woman's uterus.

Among so-called evangelicals the moralistic big government view is held by 76% of them! The joke is offensive to conservatives precisely because it is accurate.

In addition to feeling micro-aggressed against by the joke about Texas, Flood is upset about the "conservative stereotypes" about "gay conversion camps." Stereotypes???? Is Flood so clueless he doesn't realize these things exist? Actually, he probably is clueless, after all he works at Fox.

Not only do these "gay cure" ministries exist, I can assure anyone interested they are almost 100% run by religious conservatives. Whether Mr. Flood wants to acknowledge it or not, liberals and libertarians don't run gay conversion camps. It's not a stereotype, it's a fact—but Fox and facts are often not speaking to one another.

Yes, the show makes fun of gay conversion camps. But, what was portrayed in Will & Grace was relatively harmless. It depicted Jane Lynch and Andrew Rannells singing funny songs, it wasn’t the monstrous reality of abuse and fraud which dominates the real “conversion” ministries and camps. It gave you a safe object to laugh at, not the reality of young people being abused, harassed, or driven to suicide. Perhaps it is the liberals and libertarians who should be outraged about a depiction of these camps as more amusing than threatening, more hilarious than hateful.

But, lets get back to how evil the show is for stereotyping "conservatives." Exactly who in the show isn't a stereotype? The humor of the show is the exaggeration. The character of Jack is a stereotype himself, but I suspect Mr. Flood thinks that's how all gays "live." Yes, all gay guys jump onto the couch to sit in the "pajama party position," it’s just what they do. NOT.

Both Jack and Will, to different degrees, are walking stereotypes. Grace is your stereotypical "Jewish American Princes" and Karen is stereotypically zonked out on prescription pills and booze in almost every single episode. Everyone is an exaggeration in the show, not just conservatives. But, it is conservatives who whine about it.

If there is one trait endemic in the contemporary “conservative” movement it is psychological projection. They accuse everyone else of being snowflakes because they are such sensitive cry-babies themselves. They constantly whine that others are intolerant—while they demand legislation promoting discrimination. They harp endlessly about “minority groups” demanding special privileges and then lobby for laws which allow religious people alone rights denied to others.

The sad reality for this gaggle of theocrats, buffoons, racists and such is how little of traditional conservatism is left on the Right. I’m sorry, but this is NOT the conservatism of Ronald Reagan or Barry Goldwater. This is not a party of principles advocating limited government, individual rights and free markets. It’s a party pushing cronyism and welfare for the rich, a party that hates individual rights, wants big, intrusive government, promotes a theocratic agenda and it’s people who hate free trade and free exchange of goods, capital and labor. This is the party of intolerant, hateful fundamentalism and the Narcissistic authoritarianism of Donald Trump.

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