Conservative Think Tank Asks For Professor Emails Referencing 'Maddow'

If you're a labor-studies professor teaching in Michigan, emailing about Rachel Maddow may get you into trouble.

Almost two weeks after Wisconsin state Republicans filed an open records request for University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor William Cronon's personal e-mails, a Michigan think tank with conservative ties filed a request to see the emails of professors specializing in labor relations at three in-state colleges, reports Talking Points Memo.

The request comes from the Mackinac Center For Public Policy, an organization that has received funding from a number of right-leaning leaders and has pushed for increased privatization and state rights, according to Mother Jones. Using Michigan's Freedom of Information Act, Mackinac officials aim to get hold of all e-mails from certain professors at the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Michigan State University referencing collective bargaining in general and the terms "Scott Walker"; "Wisconsin"; "Madison" -- and "Maddow."

Mackinac newsletter managing editor Ken Braun refused to tell TPM how the information would be used.

See Talking Points Memo for more.