Consolidate to Elevate

You may not realize it, especially if you live in New York City, it's actually springtime. March is typically the time we lock ourselves in, clean out all the closets, attics and storage units, pull out summer clothes and organize documents for tax filing.

I recently moved into a new place and as my friends and I packed, we divided everything into categories: Things to keep, things to trash and things to give away. Seems rather simple until you ask yourself why each item should be kept, thrown out or given away. It's definitely a tedious process for sure.

Similarly, I started to take inventory of my whole self. What and/or who should remain, what should be discarded and what can I give up? Think of a hot air balloon. When grounded, there are weights that keep the vessel from leaving the earth. As the weights are removed, the balloon is able to go airborne, rather quickly.

I've realized over the years that people come and go like the seasons. This has made me more cognizant of my interactions, in this era social networking. There is a misleading belief that the more people you know and things you possess, the more power and peace you attain. To the contrary, the less you carry, be it contacts in you cell phone or maybe physical and emotional stress, the more happiness you will enjoy. Consolidate to elevate.

Since we're three months into the new year, it's a perfect opportunity to check in on those resolutions and goals you set. I'm getting my diet and physical fitness together, which means no red meat, no fried foods and a residency at the gym.

Here are a few nuggets to keep in mind on your journey:

Be accountable - keep the right folks in your inner circle. Keep it tight and make sure your 'friends' understand and support your goal, are willing to challenge you, love you unconditionally.

Be bold- be confident, remind yourself why you set that goal, push yourself even harder for achievement.

Be committed- be determined, know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have the ability to complete what you have set for yourself. Do not give up!

#SpeakLife everyday and see a shift in your circumstance! -@KianBrown