Construction Worker Impaled At 4 WTC, Says FDNY

Construction Worker Impaled At 4 WTC Site

According to FDNY reports, a construction worker at 4 World Trade Center fell and impaled himself on a piece of metal on Tuesday.

DNAinfo reports the victim is a 37-year old male who fell four to five feet early this afternoon. An FDNY official confirmed the worker suffered a puncture on his side and is in critical condition. He is expected to survive.

The accident follows Monday's celebration as 4 World Trade Center received its final steel beam, marking the completion of the site's second building since September 11, 2001. In 2006, Seven World Trade Center was the first to be finished at 52 stories.

4 World Trade Center is the same tower where steel beams came crashing down 40 stories back in February this year.

4 World Trade Center now stands at 977 feet tall with 72 stories. The building's interior is slated to be completed by Fall of 2013.

A World Trade Center crane operator recently spoke to The New York Times about the stress and dedication it takes to complete his mentally straining, impressive job day in and day out.

Watch below for an inside look at 4 World Trade Center:

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