Construction Worker Caught Playing With His Tool On The Job

It's a video you won't see on HGTV: A construction worker playing with his tool on the job.

The masturbating builder was hired this past summer as part of a major renovation of a housing estate, in Chaucer House, Sutton Common, in the United Kingdom. He was caught with his pants down by a surveillance camera set up by the couple who owned the house, the Sutton Guardian reports.

The camera was installed a few weeks into the renovation after the couple noticed how workmen kept walking in and out of the house without signing in, and left the front door unlocked when the work day was done.

When the couple reviewed the tape, they saw one of the workers masturbating in the house. The man, identified as "Mr. A" by the paper, was justifiably shocked by the video.

"I felt sick, physically sick. I was so angry. I felt violated to be honest," the homeowner said. "It was stomach-churning, horrifying, you name it. My wife felt the same, and couldn’t return to the flat for a long time."

In order to ease the tension, the couple have since nicknamed the cocky construction worker "Nob the builder."

Obviously rubbed the wrong way by the worker's on-the-job activity, the couple showed the tape to authorities, who took matters into their own hands.

The unidentified whacking worker received a conditional discharge for 12 months after pleading guilty to theft of a step ladder from the home. He was ordered to pay a fine of $78, the Metro reports.

However, he was not cited for masturbating in the home.

"Masturbating is only a criminal offense if committed in a public place," a police spokesman told the paper.