Consumed: Meat

HuffPost Food & Drink’s series Consumed shines a light on Americans’ obsession with food, one topic at a time. July's theme is meat.

With #MeatlessMonday now a household hashtag, it’s no secret that we’re being told to consume less meat. But why? And how do should we be adjusting our habits to eat it more responsibly? And just as important ― when we do eat it, how do we make it as delicious as possible? (Because waste, in fact, is a huge part of the problem.)

We’re here to answer all your questions about meat this July. Maybe you’re nervous about raw meat, or maybe you just want to know how to grill a killer burger for the Fourth of July. And after you eat that burger, you might get the meat sweats ... when you do, we’ll explain exactly what is happening to your body. We’ll also delve into the world of canned tuna substitutes (it’s called Tuno, and it’s ... not great), talk about the nutrition of Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger (also ... not great) and so much more.

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