Consumerist Launches 5th Annual 'Worst Company In America' Contest

Good news for people who love brackets and hate the wicked corporations of America! Consumerist, full of March Madness, has returned for a fifth year of letting its readers vote for the Worst Company In America. Last year, AIG won the honor for recklessly underwriting all of the insanely complex derivatives that caused the global economy to teeter on the brink of total collapse, and giving rise to the term "Too Big To Fail," which still sticks in my throat like a dollop of toxic beetle carcasses. In 2008, the big winner was Countrywide Financial, for being subprime-mortgage-pimping gangster scumbags.

AIG makes a return to the Consumerist bracket, which you can view here, along with fellow top seed Bank Of America, and don't-forget-how-awful-they-really-are outfits Comcast and Verizon. Plus, lots more crapulence! Voting has already begun. You can cast you vote right now in the following match-ups: HP vs. Dell, Time Warner vs. Charter, Walmart vs. Sears/Kmart, and Citibank vs. Bank of America.

Vote today! And bookmark Consumerist while you're at it. Their basic mission is to "highlight the persistent, shameless gaffes of modern consumerism - and the latest scams, rip-offs, hot deals and freebies." The site has an active readership and a motivated editorial staff -- headed by Ben Popken and Meghann Marco -- that fights righteously for consumers and frequently helps users overcome the inanities of our post-modern, Kafkaesque customer service culture.

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