4 Happy Feelings That Are Contagious

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The chilly-weather season is notorious for catching colds, but did you know feelings are also contagious? As human beings, we're affected by others' emotions -- good or bad. Our brains are wired for empathy, and we can "catch" everything from a yawn to a case of the giggles.

Check out the four contagious happy feelings below, and the next time you're surrounded by a big group, "infect" someone with a little positivity.

A 2006 study found that laughter is contagious -- even if you aren't sure of the context of the conversation. The brain responds automatically to the sound, prepping the face muscles to smile.
As humans we are wired for compassion -- and as it turns out, we can also catch these feelings from others. When someone is on the receiving end of kindness, they usually feel compelled to give back themselves.
In a foul mood? Surround yourself with your most joyful friends. A 2008 study found that people's happiness is directly affected by those who they are closest to. Those who were surrounded by happier people felt happier themselves.
Optimism is a socially contagious feeling, according to one 2009 study. Positive people are considered "radiators" of good feelings, while pessimists were seen as "drains."

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