Content Discovery Platform Flipora Raises $1.5 Million

Numerous backers believe in Flipora's idea that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be the answer to the content discovery problem to the tune of $1.5 million. High-powered investors that contributed to this round of funding include investors from compies like Adsense, Dropbox, Lending Club and Paypal.

Could AI Change How We Find Content?

Fueling their funding is a personal interest in AI and how Flipora's technology includes some game-changing ideas about how to discover content. As investor Mayank Bawa said, "I am excited to be advising Flipora on their quest to make the world smarter by connecting people with knowledge."  The investors believe this could become a technology breakthrough in moving from manual content discovery to content that finds the user, as well as completely altering the future from a search environment to a world of discovery.

Currently, Flipora is a free service that users can follow interests and publications as well as connect with other users based on shared interests. In return, they receive a highly-personalized feed full of content recommendations. Behind the scenes, it is Flipora's machine learning technology that predicts what a user likes based on content they engage with. The company's mission is to help users discover the best information on the web related to the topics they care about in the easiest way possible.

Small Beginnings

In 2008, Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan founded the company during graduate school at Stanford University with the goal of using the power of technology to change humanity for the better and using available online content to amplify human potential.

Formerly called InfoAxe, it was rebranded to Flipora and has gone from strength to strength, experiencing a six-million jump in monthly unique impressions from year one.  This growth in users is a reflection of consumers' desire to receive and consume content that they may have otherwise missed as well as a continued desire to connect on a social platform.  As Vijay Krishnan noted, "In much the same way that Facebook connects people around existing social relationships and LinkedIn connects people around professional relationships, we want to connect the world around interests."

Socially Integrated

Users can connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts to improve their Flipora experience because it enhances the social aspect with friends already on Flipora plus the technology can recommend further interests based on what a user has liked on these social platforms. As Flipora gets to know each user better, the content recommendations become more relevant. Additionally, upvoting a post helps promotes that content to followers on Flipora who will see it in their home feed even if they do not follow that specific interest.

The Future of Flipora

Previously, the founders raised $3 million in funding in 2010. The new round of funding will help Flipora move beyond their existing web offering so they can launch new mobile apps for the iPhone and Android smartphones. Adding this mobile way to discover content will most likely further accelerate the company's user base, pushing the application of AI into everyday use and creating the ability for a Discovery Engine that will even sense when a user is ready to view certain content. In this way, Flipora may even begin to know us better than we do.
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