CONTEST: How Does Your Healthy, Confident Mouth Open Up Your Life? Win $25K! (VIDEOS)

Here's the premise: The more confident you are in a healthy mouth, the better you’ll use it to open up to the world. And in return, the world will open up to you.

The Crest+Oral-B "Life Opens Up Project" aims to gather stories of how a healthy, confident mouth can change lives. Whether it’s a moving tale, a random event, a life’s work or a simple act of kindness, the "Life Opens Up Project" is gathering stories about how people have used their mouths to engage with the world and how life has opened up as a result.

Winners could receive up to $25,000 and be featured on the Rachael Ray Show. These 9 videos depict people telling their own stories and visions for what they'd like to do next.

Go to LifeOpensUpProject.com and promote your favorites -- people want to use the money to buy books for kindergarteners, to send their kids to college, and buy a home in a devastated area of New Orleans. You can submit your own story, too!