Contest: Michael Jackson's Six-Word Obit

It's been said by many, including the editors of SMITH magazine, that a six-word memoir can be a lot like an epitaph, the ultimate summation of one's life. We just launched a new six-word challenge: What's your six-word obituary for Michael Jackson? Leave your six words for MJ either at SMITH, or, if that's too much work, as a comment here. Our three favorite entries win the six-word memoir book of their choice. The contest ends on Tuesday, June 30 at 5pm EST (note: the contest was going to end today at 5pm, but the responses have been too inspired to stop now).

Since we set this one loose on Twitter--with six-word maven Mary Elizabeth Williams immediately replying wit "From ABC to PYT to RIP."--yesterday, we've had some great responses.

"Ebony to ivory, strutting in zero-g."
- Steve Silberman

"Survived by family, friends, widespread ambivalence."
- Christiann

"Imagine heaven with Elvis, now Michael."
- Bethe

Keep your six words coming for the King of Pop.