Contest: Nickname The Donald

Hello Name Tag Sticker on White
Hello Name Tag Sticker on White

One of the few things Donald Trump is good at is character assassination via innuendo. Like any bully, he looks for his victim's perceived weakness and exploits it mercilessly. He often creates a belittling nickname and repeats it ad nauseum so it imprints on the subconscious of all who hear it. "Little Marco." "Lyin' Ted." "Crooked Hillary." Yeah, you knew all of those.

Hillary Clinton's problem is that she is too civil to know how to attack Donald by nicknaming him. So we're going to do it for her. I'll get the ball rolling.

Donald's incredibly high rate of lying in public is an obvious target. Lyin' Donald? Already taken. Deceiving Donald? Shady Donald?

His Ignorance pays no attention to facts as he doesn't seem to think anyone needs them. Doofus Donald? Dimwit Donald? I think we're getting closer to the truth, but the nickname has to be publicly repeatable.

Trump's supposed business success is obviously suspect, with his many failed ventures and hiding his tax returns. Besides, he pretends to be charitable, giving away rounds of golf but no money unless he raised it from others (and even then trying to keep it). Cheatin' Donald? Scammin' D? The Deceiver? Donald Dick? Probably wouldn't see that repeated much in the media.

Famous as a xenophobe and a racist, a great nickname from this character flaw could lose The Donald the election in this melting pot of a nation. Donald the Bigot? Come on, help me out!

He is either a woman-hater or a caveman. Sexist Donald? Or maybe it's a cover up for something darker. Donald the Pervert?

• Enter as often as you like by Commenting on this post. It's fine to use one of the nicknames I just proposed.
• Shoot for something biting, repeatable, toxic and deadly. Words above a sixth grade education level won't work.
• Avoid using "Trump." Use his M.O. and belittle him by using his first name.
• Have fun, and keep the comments clean.
• Pass this around to your friends.
• Contest ends July 28th, 2016 at midnight after the Democratic National Convention.
• I'll keep a list of the best entries. Vote by Liking them as we go.
• I'll announce the winning nickname and the runners up later. I'll send the result to leaders in the Democratic Party and to the campaign of the convention's nominee.
• Nobody wins anything in this contest. There is just one ugly Loser.