Contraception Video, Produced By Children Of Mary Order, Links Homosexuality With Birth Control

WATCH: Women's Use Of Birth Control Can Turn Men Gay, Group Claims

A bizarre new video linking women's use of birth control pills and other chemical contraceptives to an "increase" in homosexual activity among men is making the blogosphere rounds.

Produced by a group of Roman Catholic nuns calling themselves the Children of Mary order, "You Deserve to Know the Truth: Contraception” pairs some puzzling statistics with generic clip art. The often unintentionally humorous, low-budget clip also cites a 1970s-era study in which a male monkey became "confused" when female monkeys were injected with birth control drugs, and began to have "sexual interactions" with other males in the tribe.

"With the prevalence of contraception, it's no wonder adultery is on the rise, as is promiscuity, homosexual behavior, and even abortion due to failed contraception," the narrator proclaims.

After noting that "the entire world's population could fit quite comfortably in the state of Texas," the narrator adds, "Contraception is the path that has led us to the culture of death that is prevalent in the world today, but it doesn't have to be the path of our future." She then concludes: "If someone you know is contracepting [sic], tell them to stop. It will destroy them."

The Columbus Dispatch notes that the Children of Mary order hopes to get the video in front of Catholics in all 50 states, starting with swing states, before the U.S. presidential election in November.

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